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Dear Yuletide Author,

I’m so excited to see what you write! And once I find out who you are, I will happily flail with you about any of these fandoms.

General likes: gen, friendships, plot, character studies, humor, angst, banter, magic, mythology, characters doing spectacular things, characters being smart, crossovers (as long as I’m familiar with the other fandom- see my ao3 account and my tumblr). I’m okay with relationships, as long as they’re not the main focus of the story, and there’s no sex.

General dislikes: sex, rape/non-con, mundane au’s (i.e. coffee shop, high school, etc). Also, I’m not Christian, and would rather not get a Christmas-themed fic. Unless you’re doing Two Monks Inventing Things, in which case the monks can totally invent Christmas.

Note: A lot of the fandoms I chose are highly serialized, and therefore most of my suggested prompts are either pre- or post-series. There are also a bunch of crossover suggestions. Don’t feel limited to any of these criteria though. If you’ve got an idea for a story that you’d like to write, go for it.

Humans - Fred, Niska

Fred’s monologue to Hobb about healing the injured fox was SO COOL! I love the fact that Fred can do the impossible - that he’s not bound by human limitations, and he knows it. I’d like a story about Fred’s early life: his feelings about his siblings and his father, his introduction to music, the way he looks at challenges and finds the most logical and efficient way to overcome them.

Alternatively, a post-series crossover with Continuum featuring Niska would be fun. Alec Sadler getting his hands on the program to create conscious synths could either be a great thing or a disaster, and it could be cool to explore Liber8’s opinions on synths or Niska’s opinions on big corporations and terrorism.

Or anything with the Elster family, really. Being on the run, meeting regular synths for the first time, analyzing the Hawkinses, etc. They just have such a unique perspective on the world and on humanity.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - Amara

It wasn’t totally clear from the show, but I got the impression that Amara already knew some harmless magic before having her children, and turned to dark magic only when she was trying to rescue them. So I’d like to see Amara entertaining baby Cyrus, Taj, and Rafi with sparkly enchantments, giving them protective amulets, teaching them easy spells, and tending to their wounds when they get in fights with the other children who call their mother a witch.

I’d also love a darker fic about Amara frantically searching for a way to reverse the spell, finding a dark wizard who’s willing to train her, and scaring herself with how far she is willing to go to save her sons.

Killjoys - Dutch, Johnny, Lucy

We didn’t get to see much of Dutch and Johnny’s partnership before D’avin showed up, but what we did see was adorable. So I’d like Dutch and Johnny having adventures, learning to trust each other, befriending Lucy, etc.

An Avengers crossover could be interesting too. Natasha Romanoff’s childhood in the Red Room was pretty similar to Dutch’s assassin training, so it would be cool to have an AU where Khlyen trained them both together. Maybe Natasha later escaped and became a Killjoy too, or maybe she didn’t, and Khlyen could send her after Dutch.

Two Monks Inventing Things - Monk 1, Monk 2

Two monks inventing more things! Inventing Christmas, inventing leisure activities, having their monastery raided by Vikings, anything. Possibly a crossover with the Medieval helpdesk sketch.

Thank you so much for writing for me! I hope you have a great Yuletide experience!

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