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I was incredibly lucky this summer and got a chance to see Neil Gaiman speak at the 92nd Street Y. He was hilarious, as was Lev Grossman, and I am now insanely excited for the American Gods sequel. The best parts of the interview were when he spontaneously started talking about Doctor Who and tried to imitate other daleks' reactions to the red one (because apparently daleks can't see the color red), and when he answered the question that the friend I'd gone with asked.

Anyway, when asked about his inspiration for the first book, he said something which fascinated me. I don't remember the exact words, but it was something to the effect of: he used to get on the wrong airplane frequently when traveling, and then would get shepherded around from airport to airport, and one would always be closed or there wouldn't be any seats left, and he felt like a pea under a cup being shuffled by a god.

I'm not a particularly good artist, but I really wanted to draw that. This is the result.

As a point of interest, I had originally planned to show the whole god in the sky (and he would have looked remarkably like Dorium from the Doctor Who episode "A Good Man Goes to War"). Since I can't actually draw people or cloth that didn't happen, and I think I like it better like this anyway. Also, I know that the god's hand looks weird. Just pretend it's an alien or something.


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