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Dear Yuletide Author,

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Dear Yuletide Author,

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Dear Seeing Color Author,

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Dear Yuletide Author,

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Title: Q is for Quitting
Author: antonomasia09
Category: Gen
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Warnings: none
Spoilers: Half Life
Word Count: 1227
Story Notes: This is a missing scene for the Big Finish SG-1 audiodrama, "Half Life." Brief summary for those who haven't listened to it: behind the cut )

Thanks to my beta brinnanza, and to [ profile] sg_fignewton for hosting the soup!

Summary: Vala has left Earth, and she's not going back. Ever.

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I've written a fic for [ profile] sg_fignewton's Time Travel Alphabet Soup!

Title: U is for Unrealized Reality
Author: [ profile] antonomasia09
Category: Gen
Fandoms: Stargate SG-1/Farscape
Warning: (Non-permanent) major character death
Spoilers: Children of the Gods, 48 Hours, Line in the Sand
Word Count: 4369
Story Notes: Thanks to my betas brinnanza and sg_fignewton for their help and encouragement. I've been assured that this makes sense even if you haven't seen Farscape.

Summary: While trapped in the wormhole during "48 Hours," Teal'c gets help from a strange man.

Teal’c is in a vast desert, nothing but gently sloping sands as far as his eye can see in every direction. There is no Stargate, no sign of how he came to be here. The cannon he used to destroy Tanith’s ship is still in his hands. He grasps it tightly lest it disappear, as the Stargate must have.

The rest is here on AO3.
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Title: Today's Episode Brought To You By The Letter "A"
Avengers/Sesame Street
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3017
Spoilers: none
Summary: SHIELD's PR department decides it would be a good idea for the Avengers to appear on Sesame Street. Someone is probably going to get fired for this decision.

“Are we done with the briefing yet?” Tony asked petulantly. “I’ve got actual important things to do.” )

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Since this is the last ever paperlegends Big Bang, I've decided to sign up. I've got a story idea and an outline (and a beta!!!!), and I'm simultaneously ecstatic and terrified.
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After finishing my Avengers top trumps cards, I decided to have a go at Sherlock-themed ones. I got distracted after awhile, so there are only 12, but here are some of them, )
and the rest are on my tumblr here and here.
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My roommate suggested making Top Trumps cards for the Avengers. This is the result. I ended up making 28 total- enough for a full game, hopefully! In the interest of legality, I should mention that this isn't real, and was created for my own amusement.

A few more behind the
cut, )
and the rest are on my tumblr here, here, here, and here.
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Title: Bones, Not Blood
Being Human
Rating: PG
Word Count: 365
Spoilers: none
Summary: Hal always plays with the same domino.

The day after they moved into the tiny flat above the barber's shop... )
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Title: How Many Angels Can Dance
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 765
Spoilers: none
Summary: John meets a real angel. Sequel to mad_maudlin's amazing story, "A City on the Head of a Pin."

John stopped keeping a list of winged people long ago. )
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In lab, we did things with playdough. It was awesome. I took the leftovers back with me, and made these because I'm completely unoriginal and can't think of anything myself.


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A Top Trumps card for Pudsey, as seen in the Merlin in Needs. He's also got awesome stats.

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A friend got me a pack of Merlin-themed Top Trumps cards from the UK. I thought that it could use a few extra cards...

Yes, I went through all the real cards and gave my fake ones stats that made sense (well, somewhat. I still don't understand how Percival is stronger than Kilgarrah, or why Sir Leon's leadership is so low.)

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Also, I just want to say that I thought that the tree that simpleton!Arthur loved so much was wonderful.


Dec. 20th, 2011 12:00 am
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A bottle of hemlock based on the one from the Merlin episode "Fires of Idirsholas."
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